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ixw800 intelligent full-servo high-speed double-track blister pillow packing and box all-in-one machine video
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the ixw800 intelligent full-servo high-speed dual-track blister pillow packaging and box all-in-one machine subverts the traditional online mode and opens a new chapter in the integrated dual-track synchronous production mode. the innovation of the dual-track synchronous production mode doubles the production capacity of the packaging linkage production, realizing 800 boards/min of the blister machine, 500 packs/min of the pillow packing machine, 500 boxes/min of the cartoning machine, and ultra-high-speed synchronous linkage matching; function integration and mechanism design, production line digital control and quality inspection, and intelligent application of internet of things technology start from four aspects, and apply 2-d3 top-loading robot technology, pvc/aluminum foil/pillow wrapping material automatic connection technology, 2 -the development and application of technologies such as xts12 directional rotating manipulator transfer system, ultra-high-speed double sleeper packaging system, and intelligent packaging linkage production management system make it possible for the production line to stop production and greatly improve the production efficiency of end users.

xwk4060 intelligent full-servo strapping machine, with a maximum strapping speed of 60 bundles/min, can complete multi-layer strapping tasks in high-speed production mode. the end of the used film roll can be formed into a complete film roll, which can realize the automatic replacement of the film roll without stopping. the pc-based intelligent operating system can easily realize the centralized control of the downstream packaging equipment. extended protection, monitoring and warning functions ensure smooth production processes.

icp12 intelligent full-servo all-in-one carton-opening, packaging-and-palletizing machine, with a maximum palletizing output of 12 cases/min, with higher flexibility, modular combination of the all-in-one carton-opening, packaging, and palletizing machine, based on pc-based intelligent control the system, with full servo drive layout, can quickly switch packaging specifications without tools, and can handle various cartons with high flexibility. intelligent robotics are used throughout the packaging process, allowing quick response to specification changes. packaging materials (cartons, partitions, instructions) can be added on the front, which is more ergonomically designed in line with gmp standards. auxiliary equipment such as belting machine and supervision code can be flexibly configured according to needs. the operation side has two palletizing unit pallet layouts, which can flexibly and accurately connect to the warehousing logistics agv transportation system.

main technical parameter


300-800 boards/minute


100-500 bags/minute


100-500 boxes/minute

capacity (bundles/min)

30-60 bundles/minute

palletizer capacity

12 boxes/minute

clean compressed air(pressure)


air consumption(m³/min)


power consumption

380v 50hz 70kw

overall dimension(mm)

xwk4060: 3000x1450x2100
icp12: 8500x2880x2400

bus length


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